Town Of Verona

Town Court of Verona

On duty Monday-Thursday from 9:00AM - 3:00PM

6600 Germany Road
Durhamville, NY 13054
315- 363-4394 Phone calls accepted during hours of operation only
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 9am- 3:00 pm,Court is in session every Tuesday evening from 5:30 pm.
Nelson T. Dodge
Town Justice
Phone: 315-363-4394 Ext 32- Fax 315-363-8055
Term: 1/01/16 -12/ 31/19
Randall D. Smith
Town Justice
Phone: 315-363-4394 Ext 33
Term: 1/01/16-12/31/19
I got a traffic ticket, do I have to come to Court in person?

Minor traffic infraction questions can be most easily answered by making a call to the office during posted working hours. But misdemeanor and felony charges will require your personal appearance. No pleas or payments can be made over the telephone. If you have a question relating to your need to appear please call the court or contact your attorney for advice.


Type of payments accepted: Credit Cards, Debit Card, Money Order, Bank Certified Check, No Personal Checks. In person cash.